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Phoebe Whiting Blog Update - Wow... what a month June was!

First up was Jerry jumping at the NSEA schools arena eventing championships at Hickstead show ground.

They put together a very tricky course with skinny barrels tight turns, water and a fast optimism time. There were over 230 competitors so I knew I had to do a fast clear. Only 113 competitors made it around the course with less than 70 clear rounds, luckily Jerry and I were one of the clear rounds. The competition took two days.

We jumped at the end of day one and with three of my team of four jumping clear we felt encouraged but we’re very excited that at the end of day two we were announced as the winners. We had won the National NSEA school’s arena eventing championship! To add to it Jerry and I won a placing individually and I couldn’t believe it as Jerry won his first ever rug and sash.

Next up was Sox and Charlie who had a go at more RIHS qualifiers, Sox had a go at the Part Bred Arabs, going round beautifully but a minor error in his show when I just didn’t have enough leg on meant we just missed out on the RIHS ticket. Cheeky Charlie certainly lived up to his name being very hot headed in his individual show just missing out on the Intermediate RIHS ticket. Still very pleased with the both of them and I do already have three RIHS tickets so I’m very lucky.


Change of Scenery

Sox and Charlie both had a go at dressage. Sox stepped up a level for area dressage attempting our first ever intermediate dressage test but unfortunately a miscommunication with timing meant we only had 5 minutes to warm up. He still performed very well but just didn’t have time to get him relaxed and off my leg meaning we didn’t do or best test. I am still very happy with how he went considering.

Charlie was next up doing our first ‘proper’ dressage test. I wasn’t expecting much from him having only seen white boards once before but he was on his best behaviour doing a lovely test and helped our team win a team placing Charlie and I might have to have another go.



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