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Latest updates re: COVID-19

British Equestrian COVID-19 Update - 19 June 2020

While training and competition plans are in motion for many of British Equestrian’s Member Bodies in England, announcements by the devolved governments of Scotland (18 June) and Wales (19 June) have brought limited change to lockdown restrictions for equestrians.

Scotland In Scotland, the Route Map moves into phase two, which means three households can now meet outdoors. This now allows professional coaches and riding school instructors to deliver training to a maximum of two households per day. horsescotland and BHS Scotland have been working on industry guidance, which has been submitted for approval to sportscotand and the government.

Wales The announcement today in Wales paved the way for sport to resume. However, with travel restricted to five miles and activity only permitted with members from your household or one additional household, sporting activity is limited to training at present. The announcement indicates that the ‘stay local’ requirement will be lifted on 6 July under the next release of information, while a review will take place on 9 July.

Member Body updates A number of the British Equestrian Member Bodies covering competitive disciplines have announced details regarding a restart of action in England, and have launched plans outlining their ‘road maps’ to getting competitors back training and competing.

This is the current state of play across the Member Bodies (England only unless stated):

British Carriage Driving Training underway, with the first national competition planned for 14 – 16 August.

British Dressage Operational plan Training in the English regions, and limited live and online training in Wales and Scotland. Online competitions operational for all and live competition planned to resume in England from 1 July.

British Equestrian Vaulting Limited one-to-one training in England and Scotland (under the government guidance), and awaiting further government guidance on amateur team sports before competition can resume.

British Eventing Resumption summary Regional training in place and plans for the resumption of competition have been approved  by Sport England and DCMS, ahead of scheduled start of 4 July in England.

British Horseball Association Limited one-to-one training, awaiting further government guidance on team sports.

British Reining No update at present – activity suspended.

British Showjumping Resumption announcement Training underway and phase one of competition resumed on 15 June.

Endurance GB Resumption plan Training and small non-competitive events underway and awaiting further government updates for a July restart for larger non-competitive events and competitions.

Mounted Games Association of Great Britain No training currently taking place, but working on middle to end of July for a resumption of competition.

Riding for the Disabled Association Social distancing requirements are preventing most centres from resuming activity. The target is to have 20% of groups operating by the end of September and 60% by the end of the year.

The British Horse Society / British Riding Clubs Resumption plans Training underway in England and Northern Ireland, and online competitions operational in all nations. Live competitions resume 1 July in England and Northern Ireland.

The Pony Club Operational plan Training and small rallies underway in England, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Northern Ireland, but only one-to-one coaching in Wales and Scotland within the five mile restriction. Online competitions operational for all nations and the anticipated start date for live competitions at local and interbranch level is 4 July.

The Showing Council Working on an operational blueprint for the resumption of shows under government guidelines.

UK Polocrosse Association Resumption plan Training underway in England with the hope that small competitions will be able to resume soon, in line with guidance for amateur team sports.

BEF Chairman Malcolm Wharton commented; “Our Member Bodies have been working hard behind the scenes to get their disciplines ready to resume, but there are a number of challenges to overcome to make competition safe for all. The nature of each sport means some will be in a position to resume sooner than others, which I’m certain will be frustrating for competitors. However, please understand that your governing body is working on these plans with your safety in mind, and it’s crucial that all decisions are right and meet government requirements.

“Social distancing and gathering numbers are the main issues faced by equestrian sports, and we’re working with the Member Bodies and DCMS, Sport England and the Sport & Recreation Alliance to make the necessary arrangements. Information is exchanging daily and we hope to get a green light for eventing to resume very soon, closely followed by vaulting, endurance, mounted games and polocrosse, which are classed as team sports due to multiple participants and support staff.”


13th May 2020

It's hard to believe nearly 2 months have passed since lock down began. We hope you're all staying safe and sane during this difficult time.

The British Equestrian Federation have reviewed their stance on riding and coaching, and the following developments have been announced:

1. The equestrian public can exercise their own horses, or those in their care, as they require, including hacking.

2. Social distancing must be observed at all times, as should public health, hygiene and biosecurity requirements.

3. It is asked that the equestrian public consider the risk of their activity, and to ride or exercise where it is safe to do so and within the capabilities and fitness levels of them and their horse.

4. In light of the government’s relaxation on travel for exercise and call to return to work where you can't do so from home, one-to-one training is also now permitted.

Coaches can travel to yards for individual face-to-face training in controlled outdoor environments. They must ensure that the necessary measures, risk assessments and safeguarding provisions are put in place, including checking insurance cover with their providers. 

Riders are now permitted to transport horses to a venue for an individual lesson or facility hire outdoors. Those involved in travelling to or from a venue must all be from the same household.

Riders may meet with one other from outside their household, which may be a coach or other participant, all with the proviso that the appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices are in place.

Venues should conduct full risk assessments and ensure that the required public health, hygiene and social distancing measures are implemented effectively.

During this time you can still browse HorseQuest, and place adverts online, over the phone or via email. Equally if you would like to discuss your advertising, or just fancy a chat, just give us a ring or pop us a WhatsApp.

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Published: 25th March 2020

As restrictions around COVID-19 take force, we just wanted to send you all our best wishes, and hope you and your horses are keeping healthy and safe.

It's safe to say we're all struggling to adapt to this 'new normal' - but we should be thankful that we can, to some extent, still enjoy a life with horses throughout this difficult time.

You can still get in touch with us on the phone Monday - Friday (9am - 5.30pm) on 01608 819000, email us anytime at or pop us a Whatsapp on 07516 977082.

So if you want to discuss your advertising, your search, or you just fancy a chat - we're here! We're extending all advertising at this difficult time.

Whilst we are still seeing huge numbers of visitors to the website, and potential buyers are still conversing with sellers to request more information, we understand that people will be unable to make the journey to see / try a horse until the social restrictions have been lifted. Therefore...

If you have a single advert on HorseQuest... We have now implemented a 6 week extension on your advertising. This has been applied free of charge to all live adverts on the website automatically - you do not need to contact us to request your extension. Any new adverts placed will also benefit from this extension. Alternatively, if you would prefer to suspend your advertising please just get in touch with us.

If you have a HorseQuest yard page... We'll be in touch with you all individually to discuss how we can best support you during this time, and will be implementing proactive free extensions to all your advertising.

If you're 'window shopping' on HorseQuest... We appreciate you might still be using this time to request further information or photos for an advert you've seen, so that you've got your shortlist ready once travel restrictions have been lifted. Don't forget to use our 'Add to my Stable' feature - simply click the yellow button underneath the adverts you like the look of, and they'll be saved in your 'Virtual Stable' which you'll find within 'My HorseQuest.'


We hope these measures will come as some help during this difficult time - and in the meantime, stay safe and keep in touch! In this ever-evolving situation, we'll of course keep you updated should further changes be proposed. The HorseQuest Team x



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