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Danni Fisher Blog Update - BEFSA Programme News!

Well, August has definitely been full of highs and lows, from horses to friends to Covid. In all honesty the boys haven’t been up to that much this month for multiple reasons!

Firstly, Sid had a couple weeks off and some light work after Champs because he had a very full on couple of months before Youth Champs, so got a well deserved break! Oscar has actually been very well behaved and started jumping again which is very exciting! He’s doing really well, starting to learn what type of canter he needs rather than just casually cantering through them and learning how to use himself properly after his injury.

However, he had a week off when I went away with my friends to Portsmouth, and he thought it was a great idea to go lose both front shoes so that mum couldn’t exercise him whilst I was away! So that was a minor set back but nothing too drastic…thank god!!

However, a rather big set-back encountered is that I tested positive for Covid-19 *big sigh*! Which has means that I can’t ride for 10 days, luckily my angel of a mum has said she will school and hack Oscar for me, so it means he keeps ticking over. Hopefully when I’m better we will start taking him out places and get him seeing the world again.

On a more positive note, we received some very good news at the start of the month! We found out that I had been selected for the BEFSA programme!! The BEFSA programme is the British Eventing Foundation Skills Academy Programme, where you take part in 2-day camps throughout the year with professional event riders, world class coaching and get further insight into how to make a career out of eventing. I honestly can’t tell you how excited I was when I found out, it’s such an incredible opportunity and I can’t thank everyone enough who has helped me get to this point.

So, a bit of a short and sweet blog update for you this month, hopefully I’ll have some more to report back on next month…something very exciting is happening next month all thanks to HorseQuest!!!



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