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Meet Dan Baylis: Our 2020 Dressage Bursary Winner

I have gone rogue…. So I’m Dan Baylis (astonished) winner of the dressage bursary courtesy of HorseQuest! I have gone rogue and made a video introducing myself ( below...) but if, like my wife, you find my voice a little annoying I shall quickly introduce myself here...

Rising 34, bred in Waltham Forest Greater London and currently based in Witney Oxfordshire. I have been working for Mercedes F1 for around 8 years as a control systems engineer for the wind tunnel and special projects. With the help of my wife and a very understanding boss (brownie points 😊) we manage to keep our horses DIY just outside of Oxford. Anyone that knows me would say I am energetic, odd and confident in equal measures but when it comes to riding I always question myself. In my mind if my horse doesn’t respond how I would have liked I have either asked the wrong question, asked incorrectly or failed to prepare properly. I aim to use this bursary to full effect by trying to plan in some lessons with people I wouldn’t normally consider asking in an attempt to overcome my own doubts about my riding ability.

This is my pride and joy Quibella Mia, who in my eyes can do no wrong even as she throws a mare-ish tantrum because you dared to glance at the rug rack! She is a rising 6, 16.1h powerhouse of a Hanoverian who is talented, smart but sensitive. She came to me just over a year ago with a bit of a rep but since then we have built a really strong bond and trust in each other. Reaching a deal where I pamper and pander to her every need, which mainly consists of scratching all the places she cant reach, and in return she doesn’t turn herself inside out when I first get on! We haven’t been out much over the winter but during the summer season she carried me to the nationals at prelim silver and an area festival win at novice bronze. Amazing considering she had only been to one competition before I got her and I hadn’t competed at all since 2008, it was all a shock!

Next up is my wife’s striking horse Sartini who I am gratefully allowed to ride on occasion and might even be given a few competition rides (hint-hint)! Standing at ~18h and rising 5 he is a loveable trouble making Oldenburg who loves to be around people, although he struggles to contain his excitement most of the time! Being such a big chap we are taking it slow allowing him time to muscle up his frame properly. He is making real progress and starting to enjoy his work more so hopefully this year he will be able to get out to a few competitions and familiarise himself with all that entails.

Follow Dan:

You can watch Dan's intro video, and hear him answer our quick fire questions here...

... And if you didn't catch his original application video, that's here too:



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