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Meet Paige Wilde - our 2021 Show Jumping ambassador

Hi everyone, firstly, hope you’re all well and coping as much as you can do during these difficult times! My name is Paige and I am a keen 16-year-old Senior British Showjumper juggling my wannabe career in show jumping and my first year of college!

My horses and I are based in Suffolk. I am currently competing at senior Discovery level with ambitions to step up to Newcomers in Spring (if and when we are allowed out!)

I have two competition horses that you can read more about below - plus one small but feisty 13hh pony and a retired thoroughbred that we bred and have owned since he was born!

Meet my horses...

Name: Kilrainey Buddy

Age and Height: Rising 10yo & 16hh

Breed: Irish Sports Horse

Gender: Gelding

Summary: Meet Buddy! I’ve had him coming up to 7 months at the end of January and he is my best horse. Previously Buddy has competed up to 1.15 in Ireland with his old owner before he came over to England on sales livery. He is currently competing with me at 1 metre affiliated and he is teaching me the ropes, as he is my first horse after coming off of ponies. He’s a big softy and can be a bit of a baby at times but he really looks after me and knows when it counts (most of the time!) He will feature on a lot of my blogs and vlogs that I do so I am sure that he will become a familiar face and you will fall in love with him as much as I have.

Name: Top Tottie CE

Age and Height: 15yo & 15.3hh

Breed: Irish Sports Horse

Gender: Mare

Summary: This is Tottie, I haven’t had the ride on her long (since the end of November) so I am still getting to know her! When the opportunity arose to lease Tottie we couldn’t say no because of how talented she is. Her owners have competed her up to CCI 2* Eventing and Newcomers in BS. I’ve never had a mare before so she’s something quite different and she can be quite sassy when she wants to be- don’t let that angel face fool you!! I plan to compete with her up to Newcomers alongside Buddy, but we will see what he is comfortable with and will start off unaffiliated first. She’s a lovely character to have on the yard and I cannot wait for you all to watch our partnership grow.

So, the important question… how am I going to use the HQ 2021 Training Bursary?

Well whilst I have another opportunity I want to say another massive thank you to HQ for selecting me, it’s going to make such a difference to my year! I plan to use the bursary mainly for lessons from my BS area coach. The lessons from Mia are extremely beneficial and I would like to get to more of them this year once lockdown ends. Mia has a very talented and well trained eye to see things that most people wouldn’t and she can often see what we need to work on straight away, as well as what we’ve improved on since we last saw her. The lessons often seem to go so quickly because of how much fun I am having and how much I’m learning so by the end of them, I’m already excited for the next one.

Between training, the bursary will also come in very handy to put towards entry fees for stay away shows, as they can become quite costly!! I only managed to get to one stay away last year, but I had many achievements there and now I’m eager to get to hopefully two or three this year. I am so thankful as the bursary will really help me get to where I want to be by the end of the year, oh and I forgot to mention, the lesson with William Funnel at the Billy Stud! I will delve deeper into that topic closer to the time on my YouTube and on here, but for now I think that’s my first official blog finished!

I will keep you updated on my socials which will be down below and on here, as I am sure I will be back soon enough,

Paige and all the team here x



So you can get to know me better, I've answered HorseQuest's 10 quick fire questions;

1. Last song I listened to?

Drivers licence By Olivia Rodrigo, it’s just recently come out and I love the beat!

2. Favourite Pizza topping?

I love BBQ Chicken Pizza, or plain old margarita :)

3. If you could have the ride on any horse, who would it be?

Holly Smith’s Hearts Destiny. She unfortunately passed away last summer but she was such a scopey and talented horse! Other than that any other World Cup Showjumper!!

4. Tell us your best joke?

Jokes aren’t my forte but here’s my best: A horse walks into a bar. The bar man said “Hey”

“Yes please” said the horse.

5. Favourite holiday destination?

I haven’t been yet, but one day I really want to head to the US for a few weeks, I’d love to stay on a ranch but also go to L.A.

6. Rider you aspire to be like?

Jessica Mendoza. Her style of riding is so unique and tidy.

7. Favourite film?

The Hunger Games. I’ve watched it over 50 times and it never gets boring!

8. Least favourite food?

Salmon! Not for me thanks!

9. Most interesting fact about you…

When I was younger, my Mum worked in racing and I went with her Boss one day and actually met Sir Henry Cecil! And to top this off, he took me over to meet the legendary Frankel and let me pat him!

10. What three items would you take to a desert island?

My phone, Bailey my little 13hh pony, and one of my friends so i wouldn’t get bored!


And finally, you can watch Paige's application video here:



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