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Meet Phoebe Baker-Whiting - our 2021 Showing ambassador

Hi, my name is Phoebe Baker-Whiting I am a 15 year old show rider from Sussex. I am so exited to have won the HorseQuest Showing bursary 2021 as I know how much this will help me and my two ponies. Some of my favourite things to do are hacking, beach rides, competitions and I love lessons! I also do some other sports on the side of riding such as netball, cricket, swimming, running but favourite sport is definitely riding!

This is my very handsome pony Sox (Absolutely Sure) who is a 14.2hh 10 year old show pony. Together we compete in part bred Arabs, pretty Polly show ponies and open show ponies. We also love to compete side saddle doing the Concourse D’elegance and we love to take part in and represent our local Pony Club in Dressage. My mum bought Sox when he was just 5 years old after a bad injury leading to him having to have a operation and box rested him for 9 months in the hope that he would be the perfect pony for when I grew a bit bigger! With Sox, our favourite things to do are having lessons and cantering around the farm fields.

The HorseQuest bursary will really help us, as Sox thrives off consistency. My aim on Sox for 2021 is to improve our side saddle and to aim for the Royal International Horse Show, and it would be a dream come true if we qualified for the Horse Of The Year Show. I know the HorseQuest bursary will help as it would give us the boost we need to get us back in the ring after a year of no shows.

This is my gorgeous pony Jerry (The Jazz Man) who is a 6 year old skewbald soon to be Working Hunter Pony. I have produced Jerry since he was 4 and this year we have competed in Show Jumping, Hunter Trials, Dressage, Arena Eventing and Pony Club Camp. Our favourite things to do are going on beach rides and cross country. This year I would really love to have some flat work lessons as it is our weaker phase at the moment - this would then mean we can do lots more Working Hunter Pony classes as it is something we both love.

The HorseQuest bursary will really help us as we will be able to have more regular lessons which would be excellent to achieve my goal of making him more relaxed and less tense when on the flat. My goal for 2021 is to get out to some more WHP classes.

Jerry’s favourite party trick is pulls funny faces...


So you can get to know me better, I've answered HorseQuest's 10 quick fire questions;

Last song I listened to?

Always on my mind by the Pet Shop Boys (it was on the TV!)

Favourite pizza topping?

You can’t beat chicken and sweetcorn!

If you could ride any horse who would it be and why?

It would have to be Alastair Hood’s Diamonds are Forever or Nick Skeleton’s Big Star. I would love to ride Diamonds Are forever as he always look so graceful going down the spot light at any show, and he never puts a foot wrong. I would also love to ride Big Star - but wouldn’t everyone! He looks like such a comfy ride when he effortlessly jumps round a big track!

Tell us your best joke?

What do you call a horse who lives next door?

A neighhhh-bor

Favourite holiday destination?

France so I could go skiing

Rider you aspire to be like?

Charlotte Dujardin and Emma Holder because they are both very determined riders and nice people.

Favourite film?

Hmmmmm, I can’t pick one haha, I did enjoy Eddie the Eagle, JoJo rabbit and pitch perfect

Least favourite food?

I like almost every food but I don't like Mushrooms!

Most interesting fact about me?

I can ski backwards!

What three items would you take to a deserted island?

If I think about it I think... A yacht, food and clothes would be the best items to take to!


And finally, you can watch Phoebe's application video here:



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