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Paige Wilde May Blog Update - An exciting season ahead!

Hi everyone and welcome to my May blog update. It feels as though it’s been ages since I last did an update for HorseQuest but it hasn’t, there’s just been a lot going on including having a brand new surface at home! Its definitely been great to get back out competing again, I really thrive off of the adrenaline and wanting to do well. So, how did our first competition back go?

It started off with Tottie at The Jays for an unaffiliated 90cm. Not only was it my first competition of the year, but it was also Tottie and I’s first competition together because, due to all the lockdowns, we didn’t manage to get out when I got her last year. She was absolutely foot perfect and we managed to incorporate some turns which we had been practising in our lesson with Mia Palles-Clark a few days earlier. She had the most beautiful Double Clear for 8th but unfortunately no rosette that week. I have posted her full round on YouTube for all of the readers who don’t have Instagram so feel free to watch:

The next day we were back at The Jays but this time for British Showjumping with Buddy. Let’s just say he was certainly keen and up for it…

We popped him in the British Novice (90-95cm) first and he was indeed very ring fresh but it paid off in the long run as we placed third- which is my first ever top 3 placing in BS seniors! Proud is an understatement because it has definitely been a long hard winter of training with him, so it really nice to see the work pay off in the ring. We then also popped him into the Discovery (100-105cm) where he was jumping on absolutely top form to just roll a pole coming out of a double where I turned him too early, which was just a silly mistake. However, we were the fastest 4flts for 6th place so another rosette gained. Overall, that weekend was very successful and I was very pleased with the two horses!

The following weekend we headed to Anvil Park Stud unaffiliated with Tottie where she jumped the metre class. It was an excellent round around a course that was causing carnage, but Tots jumped out of her skin for 2nd place! She really does love her job!

Then, on the Sunday we were back in Norfolk but this time at Forest Edge for some more BS with Buds. This time, he was just in the Discovery as we have decided to move him up from British Novice now. I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, it wasn’t our cleanest round to date as he was just a bit behind the leg, but he went clear for another 3rd place. For their first two shows back, I couldn’t be happier with the horses and it’s looking like a very exciting season ahead! Picture of Buddy in our most recent lesson with Barrett below.

What else is new?

Well, at the end of April, I was very lucky to have a lesson with Joe Whitaker! It’s probably one of the most informative and rewarding lessons I’ve had in a long time, and has definitely helped Buddy and I take another step forwards in our partnership. As I’m writing this, this past Wednesday I was able to put everything we learnt into practice in the ring at Keysoe International.

Buddy felt absolutely awesome, just unfortunately rolling the last pole (how frustrating) where he just didn’t pick up his weaker hind. However, I’m so happy with how consistent he was the whole way around and now I’m looking forward to getting out again. Tottie is now also affiliated again so I am also excited to get out to some BS with her too.

This month, we’ve also had our arena surface redone with Andrews Bowen. It means that I am now going to be able to train and jump more effectively at home which I wasn’t able to do before- keep your eyes peeled for some of my favourite training tips that I will write up in a blog at some point soon!

I am also amidst my end of year exams currently so lots of revision has been going on behind the scenes to prepare for those. Good luck to everyone else that is sitting their exams too!


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