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Showing Bursary Winner: Phoebe Whiting April Blog Update!

Hi everyone, hope you're all well, the ponies and I are very excited that we are allowed out to some venues now, and we have some very exciting news!

We will go back to the start of March where we were very busy with getting the ponies up and going for the season and of course entering some competitions and training. We have mainly focused on getting them fitter by cantering round the fields and going on the gallops which was so much fun. We even jumped the racing hurdles!

We have been keeping up with Jerry’s flat work and have seen massive improvements in his relaxation and bend through his body which in turn has meant we have seen improvements in his jumping technique which is fab. We have lots planned for all of the ponies over the Easter holidays.

Sox has started learning some new tricks such as counter canter, perfecting his leg yielding and changing his canter pace. He found this quite hard as he would go from an extended canter and then get him back on his hocks round the 20 meter circle. He has also been loving the sunshine and spending more time in the field with his friends scratching with no rugs. His coat is really starting to shine.

Next up is Bobo who is a small riding horse who I took to do some arena eventing hire in preparation for a show on Friday , which is very exciting (as you can see he has a massive jump on him).

And finally we have a very exciting welcome to Pendley Muscadet also known as Charlie who we have on loan for the next year, he and I have had a lesson which went well and we will hopefully do some intermediate show pony and part bred Arab classes and maybe see how he takes to dressage. He is so lovely and I can’t wait to share our journey with you.

For now I will just be getting to know him a bit better as I have only ridden him a couple of times before

Sorry about the quality of some of the photos. I hope everyone has had a lovely March.

(You can see the videos of the gallops, hurdles and Bobo on my Instagram @phoebe_eq)



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