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Buying horses: when dreams can quickly become nightmares

Most people dream of horse ownership. Whether it’s a childhood dream or an adult one; having a horse is a life changing experience. But the path to equine partnership can be riddled with hidden dangers, transforming that dream into a stressful, and sometimes heart breaking, experience.

The rise of social media and online horse marketplaces has brought convenience, but also a disturbing trend: dishonest sellers preying on unsuspecting buyers. From dodgy dealers advertising horses with undeclared issues to tales of deposits lost after vettings fail or verbal agreements fall through, the stories of horse purchases that have gone wrong are a real reminder of the importance of due diligence

The reality of buying a horse

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of buying a horse, it’s an emotional purchase. But there are a few stark realities to be aware of:

Misrepresented horses: One of the most common issues buyers face is purchasing a horse that doesn't meet the advert description. Sellers might misrepresent the horse's age, temperament, or training level.

Incomplete vet history: Getting hold of previous vet records should be relatively easy. However, incomplete or outdated vet records can leave buyers unaware of potential health issues, resulting in costly medical bills and heartbreak. Past injuries or behavioural issues could be cleverly concealed. In some cases, forged documents or false breeding records have been known to cause issues.

Dodgy dealers: The rise of dishonest horse dealers has become a real concern. The false information provided can hide critical details and in some cases, can mean horses end up in the wrong hands resulting in dangerous consequences for the new owner. Dishonest dealers have also been known to disappear after receiving deposits, leaving buyers with no recourse. Undisclosed past ownership can also lead to legal complications if the horse was previously stolen or involved in a lawsuit.

Secure payment issues: Transferring large sums of money without secure payment methods can be risky. Buyers regularly have problems such as fraud, delayed transfers, or difficulties in getting deposits back if the vetting fails or the sale falls through through no fault of their own.

Lack of transparent communication: Effective communication between buyers and sellers is basic best practice. However, without a proper audit trail, misunderstandings and disputes can easily arise. 

The emotional toll of a bad buying experience can really ruin the horse ownership dream. The disappointment of a horse not living up to expectations, the frustration of financial loss, and the guilt of an animal's well-being being at risk can leave a lasting impact.

Equiyd: the safer way to buy your next horse

Equiyd is a platform designed to revolutionise the way horses are bought and sold, offering a secure and transparent environment that protects both buyers and sellers, allowing everyone to navigate the process with confidence.

Building trust through transparency

●   Comprehensive horse history: Each seller builds their own horse profile that showcases a detailed history, including competition results and verified owner records. This level of transparency means you know the seller has been verified and the horse has the correct documentation. It also means there’s a full audit trail within the platform.

●       Digital vetting records: Gone are the days of scrambling for paperwork. Equiyd allows you to upload and share pre-purchase vetting reports directly through the platform. This streamlined process ensures all relevant information is readily accessible to both parties, fostering trust and simplifying communication.

Safeguarding your investment

●       Secure payment services: Forget the anxiety of unsecured transactions. Equiyd integrates a secure payment system that holds funds securely until both buyer and seller are satisfied. This protects both parties from potential scams and ensures a smooth financial transaction.

●       Full communication audit trail: All communication regarding the sale, from initial enquiry to final balance payment, is recorded on the platform. This provides a clear and indisputable record of agreements and discussions which is invaluable in case of any disputes.

A win-win for buyers and sellers

Equiyd empowers buyers to confidently and safely buy their dream horse. But the benefits extend beyond the buyer. Sellers who prioritise transparency and ethical practices can attract serious buyers, resulting in a quicker and smoother sales process.

Equiyd streamlines communication, simplifies paperwork, and fosters trust through its secure platform. It’s a win-win for both parties, ensuring a more enjoyable and stress-free experience for everyone involved.

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